How Does the Change of Exemptions and Chapter 13 Debt Limits Help Me With My Bankruptcy Filing?

By , Posted on Jun 12, 2019

On April 1, 2019, the US government updated the Federal Register with new bankruptcy exemptions and Chapter 13 debt limits. Changes That Were Made Some examples of the changes are: the homestead exemption increased from $23,675 to $25,150 and the  wild card exemption increased from $1,250 to $1,325, plus the unused homestead exemption from $11,850...

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9 Financial Do’s and Don’ts When Going Through a Divorce

By , Posted on Mar 26, 2019
Debt. Debt & Divorce

Whether you’re in the midst of a super nasty divorce or an amicable one, divorce is exhausting and emotionally draining. It’s overwhelming and time-consuming. And it sure can be expensive. To soften the financial blow, there are a few things that you should consider doing—and not doing—when going through a divorce. 1. DO Get a...

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7 Fast and Simple Ways to Reduce and Eliminate Credit Card Balances

By , Posted on Jan 08, 2019
Saving Money

If you’re carrying any credit card balances, whether it’s $500 or $5,000, you’re wasting money, plain and simple. Every dollar you spend toward interest payments is one more dollar you could be using to strengthen your overall financial health. While tackling debt may seem like an insurmountable task, reducing and eliminating it is actually not...

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How Much Credit Card Debt Is Too Much—and What to Do About It

By , Posted on Jul 31, 2018
credit card debt

“If you have too much debt, create more income or sell some stuff. Treat the core problem, not the symptom.” If you’re a typical American, you have credit card debt. For many Americans, a little bit of debt is fine because it’s required for buying clothes and accessories. But how much credit card debt is...

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