The Rising Cost of Student Loans

If you have been struggling with your student loans, you’re not alone. Repaying federal and private student loans is a challenge that millions of Americans are currently facing.

Student loans already exceeds credit card and auto loans, with the current national student loans owed at about $1.3 trillion. That means that the average student loan is now over $35,000 per household.

There is no magic bullet or quick fix when it comes to student loan relief. As the cost of education continues to rise, the problem of student loan payments will continue to affect the budgets of households across the U.S.

That is why CCMS offers Student Loan Guidance.

How Does Student Loan Guidance Work?

Our approach to Student Loan Guidance involves a top-to-bottom look at your individual financial situation to see how it is impacted by your student loans. From there, we employ a three-step process to help you determine the best course of action to pay down your student loans responsibly, and build a better financial future.

The three steps are:

  • Analysis
  • Evaluation
  • Implementation
Step 1. Analysis

The first step in our Student Loan Guidance Program is to more fully understand your particular situation. We look at your budget, expenses, and spending patterns. From there, we can usually make recommendations that can improve how you utilize your income while reducing your expenses and liabilities. This allows you to free up income that can be re-directed toward paying down your loans.

Then, we review information that may impact eligibility for student loan programs, such as adjusted gross income, family size, tax-filing status, and type of employment. We also gather loan-specific information such as the types of Student Loans, balances, monthly loan payments, repayment plan, loan status, and whether there is tax offset or wage garnishment.

Step 2. Evaluation

For the next step in our Student Loan Guidance Program, we will use the information gathered to evaluate what repayment options are available for you and what steps need to be taken to implement the option that best fits your situation. Once we have identified the options we will communicate the specifics of each option so you will understand both the pros and the cons, and the necessary steps to ensure continued success with the chosen solution.

Step 3. Implementation

Finally, we will guide you through the process of filling out the necessary paperwork to enroll in the chosen repayment option, along with assisting you in any follow up calls needed to your loan servicer.

Some of the Federal student loan repayment options include:

  • Income-driven repayment plans
  • Loan rehabilitation programs
  • Student loan forgiveness programs
  • Student loan consolidation

These programs are completely free for all student loan holders and can be directly accessed through

However, if you’re not sure where to begin, or need help determining the best options, we can help with Federal student loans. We can help walk you through the available programs and make decisions that will help you to build a stronger financial future. Best of all, our one-time fee for this service is never more than $125.

Ready to Take Control of Your Student Loans?

If you are looking to make your Federal student loan payments more affordable, get them current and keep them in a current status, call us today 1-800-920-2262 or fill out the form in the upper right sidebar to schedule a free counseling session.

*Fees for student loan guidance services range from $0-$125 and are based on client’s situation. Federal Repayment Programs Are Free and can be applied for 100% on your own, but if you need help through the process, that’s what Student Loan Guidance Service is designed for. Private Student Loans Are Not Eligible for the Free Federal Program or Consolidation Options. However, we will be able to give you guidance and referrals to find a solution for your Private Loans.

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