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We have a team of great people here waiting  to talk to you about your next money decision. We’re not offering to save your WHOLE world, but we do offer practical money solutions to help you at key points in your financial life. Yes, we have been told we’ve saved lives before, but we don’t like to brag…well, that much.

Here’s where you can learn more about some of our Money Saving Services below:

Buying A Home:

Operating pretty much exclusively in Florida, current First Time Home Buyer down payment assistance programs could provide up to $100,000 to use toward getting your mortgage.

If you already have a loan officer and you want to learn more about the process our team could help decode the inside baseball that comes with the loan process. Whatever stage you are in, our team is waiting to help you become mortgage ready — on your time table, of course.

Who to ask for: Nathan, Alex and Nicola have a pit crew over here, waiting to help triage you into the best loan program that makes sense for you.

Debt Management:

In a nutshell,  Debt Management Plans reduce the amount of time and money it takes to pay off credit card debt. Other companies will offer loans to pay off and consolidate your credit card debt, yikes, not us, that usually ends poorly. Instead, We negotiate with your current cards directly to lower the interest rate, lower the payments and decrease the amount of time it will take for you to pay them off –without adding  new debt to pay off an old debt.

Our plans are designed to help you, not hurt you. It’s free and confidential to find out if a plan makes financial sense for you, so contact us to today and find out what we could do.

Who to ask for:  Susan, Mike, Yoleny (no one pronounces her name right), Rob, Cody and others are all waiting to hear from you. If you get Susan, tell her we said Hi! Susan is our veteran of about… well she doesn’t like to let  out hints about her age. 😉


Student Loan Consolidation Assistance:

When college is over the student loans come due! Hello OUCH! There’s little to prepare you for the payments that come with graduation.

Fortunately, for non-private loans, there are some options, modifications, deferments  and other solutions that may be available to help reduce the burden of student loan debt. Of course, the options are totally free to do yourself, but if you want navigation assistance, that’s what we are here for.

Who to ask for:  Ask for Cody. He’s our point person on student loans and he provides red carpet, white glove, spectacular assistance for you, for a fee. (It’s like taxes, you can do them by yourself, but you can also pay someone to help. Cody is waiting.)

Credit Counseling:

Credit education and counseling services are provided by Certified Credit Counselors to help you  learn how to increase your credit scores and improve your overall financial well-being.

Credit affects almost every major purchase you will make. Having poor credit could cost you and could affect your ability to get a job. It’s a good idea to find out what’s on your credit report to know if: 1. It’s correct or 2. If it’s dragging you down.  – We could help.

Who to ask for: Ask about getting a Credit Report Analysis with Ben, Alex or other Counselors today! It’s currently free for any Palm Beach County Resident.* Yes, this can be done from your couch, over the phone, with a little help from technology… we thought you might ask.

Carolyn, our video star, actually works for us – we thought you might think she’s a paid actress, but nah, she’s just really good at her job. Carolyn loves helping people and she loves FOOD and couponing. So If you find a fabulous recipe that is super cheap, or if you find great deal on  just about anything shout it over to her at (800)920-2262 x 8051. She’s always looking for bargains to share with others.

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* The Palm Beach County Free Credit Report Analysis is limited time offer ends 03/31/2019 based on grant dollars available. If the extend the grant, which we are hoping, then we’ll extend the expiration date. Don’t be afraid to call and ask if they extended the date, websites don’t edit themselves. 

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