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CCMS is a Non-Profit Organization with an A+Rating from the Better Business Bureau

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CCMS is a Non-Profit Organization with an A+Rating from the Better Business Bureau

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We help you resolve your credit card bills through our fully accredited credit card nonprofit management plan. CCMS is a 501c3 non-profit organization that has been providing credit card assistance to people like you since 1996.

Our goal is your goal: to help you reduce and eventually eliminate your credit card bills without adding to your monthly financial burden. Through our experienced credit card nonprofit management specialists and relationships with the credit card companies, we provide you with pre-approved national creditor established rates to reduce or eliminate your interest and any penalties. We simplify your payments by consolidating your credit card bills and then, by paying the same or a bit less each month, we accelerate your debt reduction since more of your money goes to paying off the principle than the interest.

Free Foreclosure Avoidance

  • Loan Modification: Counselors will help you toward obtaining a loan modification to make your primary mortgage payment more affordable.
  • Mortgage Payment Assistance: Programs are available that can pay or suspend a substantial portion of your monthly mortgage payments. CALL and ask about Eligibility Requirements.
  • Refinance Programs: Counselors will assist many underwater borrowers toward programs that provide you the opportunity to affordably refinance your primary mortgage.
  • Short-sale or deed-in-lieu:  Counselors will assist borrowers in negotiating other foreclosure alternatives. Some programs provide relocation money.


The Garcia Family

July 18, 2013 – Thank you very much for all the help you gave to us, without your support, clear explanations and clever interventions, we could not end this long and difficult journey. After more than 3 years struggling with foreclosure and trying to deal with our bank without any positive answer.

We found CCMS while we assisted to a one of their Seminars and in a few months we finally got our HAMP Permanent Modification and the bank dismissed the foreclosure. This is our testimony, thanks again for help us to keep our home.


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