CCMS helps people like you worry less & Get on track by providing

The Credit Card Bill Assistance You Need Now

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Let us reduce your monthly credit card payments, lower your interest rates, and get you on a path to being credit card bill free. Sound good?

  • Are you struggling to pay off your credit card bills? CCMS is here to help.
  • Help begins with a free credit card counseling session. Yes, free and no strings attached. Simply fill out the form or call us at (800)920-2262.
  • Recent clients had their monthly credit card payments reduced by more than $300/month and interest rates dropped from 22% down to 4.62%.
CCMS is here to help

Let’s Get Started

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CCMS is a fully accredited NonProfit credit card management program. We are a 501c3 non-profit organization that has been providing financial assistance to people like you since 1996.

Our goal is your goal: to help you reduce your credit card bills and provide you credit card assistance without adding to your monthly financial burden.

Through our experienced financial counselors and nonprofit relationships with the credit card companies, we are nationally approved by your creditors to reduce or eliminate your interest rates and penalties to nonprofit creditor guidelines.

We simplify your payments by consolidating your credit card bills and then, by paying the same or a bit less each month,  more of your money goes to paying off the principle instead of interest - thus paying off your credit card bills faster.

Note: if you need to take the credit counseling course prior to filing for bankruptcy please do so by clicking here.

Watch this 60-second video to learn how CCMS can provide credit card bill assistance.:

Counselors are standing by to provide you credit card bill assistance. Call us Today.

How it works

  • An experienced credit  counselor will assist you to determine your monthly budget
  • You will be provided a full budget analysis with an action plan including suggestions to increase your personal financial condition by making simple improvements to savings habits.
  • Since your credit card interest is either eliminated or reduced, more of your payment is applied towards principle rather than interest to accelerate your credit card bill payoff!
  • CCMS establishes lower monthly payments and interest rates with your creditor’s nationally approved non profit rates.
  • Get credit card bill assistance now – Average monthly payments drop from $925 to $603.
  • You then make lower monthly payments on time
  • Simplify your life – Your credit card bills are consolidated into one simple and easy monthly payment
  • You’ll get a monthly statement showing how much money you’re saving and how fast your credit card bills are disappearing


Robbie B.

Dear CCMS, I have been extremely pleased with the service and commitment provided to me by your company. Every customer service rep I have spoken with has been both professional and dedicated to “getting the problem solved” quickly and completely! Thank you! Robbie B. West Palm Beach, FL

Phyllis H.

I want to thank your staff for taking care of me and my business. I really feel a relief and thank for looking out for me and also for taking everything in for me. You guys are NO. 1 in my book! Phyllis H. Jackson, MS


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