Setting Financial Goals for the New Year

By , Posted on Jan 19, 2018
New Year

You know what they say: With a new year comes a time for new goals. But when it comes to your finances, what kinds of goals should you be setting for yourself? We’ve got some ideas in mind. Here are 7 things that we recommend everyone in debt start doing. 1. Build an Emergency Fund Without...

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5 Financial New Year’s Resolutions

By , Posted on Dec 29, 2017
Saving Money

The new year is almost here. You’ve already resolved to hit the gym, cut back on junk food, and spend more time with your family. But what about your finances? Before 2017 becomes 2018, here are five financial resolutions that you can make to improve your financial health. 1. Pay Bills on Time When it comes...

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5 Things to Do Before the End of the Year

By , Posted on Dec 22, 2017
Personal Finance

There are less than two weeks before the end of the year. While it’s a time to relax and enjoy the holidays, there are also smart steps that you can take to get the most from your money and set yourself up for financial growth in the coming year. Here’s a year-end financial checklist. 1. Review...

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Don’t Worry, Budget Happy

By , Posted on Dec 15, 2017
Personal Finance

Budgeting doesn’t have to be a chore and a burden. By applying these steps, you can make the act of creating a family budget more fun. When your budget is more fun, you’re more likely to stick with it.  Find an App for That There are plenty of smartphone apps that will allow you to...

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