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Credit Card Pop-Quiz. How Well Do You Know Your Statement?

By , Posted on Sep 23, 2016
credit cards

This credit card quiz provides consumers with information to help them understand their credit card debt.

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5 Things You May Learn from a Debt Management Plan

By , Posted on Sep 02, 2016
credit cards

Starting a Debt Management Plan is more than just a way to pay down your credit card debt. It’s a learning experience. It requires you to rethink your approach to spending and saving, and gives you the tools you need to take control of your financial future. But beyond that, there are other valuable and...

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Learn How Much You Can Save in Interest with our Debt Management Plan and Credit Card Payoff Calculators

By , Posted on Jul 29, 2016
credit cards

The first step on the road to effectively managing your credit card debt is understanding it. We look at our credit card statements, see our current balance and annual percentage rate, but we don’t always know how long it will take to pay off our credit card debt, or the true cost of paying off...

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Protecting Your Credit When Marrying into Debt

By , Posted on Jun 24, 2016
credit cards

For some people debt and finances are the last thing on their minds when they begin planning to tie the knot. However, marrying into debt can play a huge role in your financial future with your spouse and it’s important that it’s discussed prior to saying “I do.” Especially if you’ve worked long and hard...

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