Miami Homeowners Event by Bank of America.

By , Posted on Jul 07, 2011

For three consecutive days, from June 23 to June 25, 2011, the Miami Beach Convention Center was open for an unprecedented event that the largest servicer of major mortgage issues in America, Bank of America, organized. Bank of America hosted this workshop to help thousands of homeowners, either already facing foreclosure or at risk of losing their homes. Hundreds of Bank of America employees, knowledgeable in equity protection, participated in this event.

HUD Approved Housing counseling agency Credit Card Management Services, Inc. dba counselors: Mr. Carlos Llerena, Mr. Keith Berard, Mr. Dario Santa and Mr. Pedro Padilla travelled from West Palm Beach to participate in this “Help for Homeowners Community Event”. All worked continuously to assist the thousands of homeowners in trouble.

Anxious homeowners, starving for help, lined up every morning to resolve their mortgage issues, some already in foreclosure, others struggling to continue to pay their mortgage. Most cases stemmed from a reduction of income. Many were customers complaining there is too much of a delay after sending all their documents, multiple times, without any resolution. Bank of America put them at ease after allowing them to watch a prepared video and speak face to face with underwriters. The event provided confidence clients needed to produce some ‘hope’ to save their homes. Bank of America’s maintains confidentiality regarding how many modifications they approved during this event.

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