Employee Benefits Supplemental Assistance

Need Benefits? If you need help paying off your debts, if you need help getting  your first home or you’re stuck with a ton of student loans, you’ve come the the right place.

We have programs that could help you eliminate your debts so you can financially do what you want to!

DebtHelper.com specializes in helping consumers improve their credit, reduce credit card and student loan debt and provides affordable housing solutions to home buyers.

Keep more of the money you work hard for.

Call us today 1(800)920-2262 and our counselors can provide these services and more:

  • Credit Counseling: Education and counseling services to help consumers increase their credit score and overall financial well-being.
  • Debt Management: Debt Management Plans reduce the amount of time and money it takes to pay off credit card debt.
  • Affordable Housing: First Time Home Buyer Programs can provide up to $100,000 in assistance.
  • Student Loans: Repayment & modification options may be available to reduce or eliminate student loan debt.
  • Budgeting: Paying monthly bills is a lot easier with a plan. Having to do it alone is no fun. Call our counselors and have them help with your budget.

Who Is Debthelper?

DebtHelper.com is a 501c3 non-profit Florida Corporation and a HUD approved credit and housing counseling agency.

DebtHelper.com has done business in South Florida for over 20 years. Debthelper’s mission is to educate, advise, and empower youth to seniors to handle debt, credit and housing related issues.

Call or chat us today 1(800)920-2262 or find us on Facebook, or DM us on Instagram. Our Employee Benefits Program is available nationwide. No appointment is necessary.

FREE Credit Report Analysis

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