On behalf of Wells Fargo I’d like to thank you and your team for provided Mrs. Meres with a great experience.

Rulon Washington

Educational concept for folks like myself. To understand and feel safe with the decision related to saving my home. The information received not only assisted with understanding what I was doing but also educated me on the future to prevent my reaching this point again. I have learned much because I had to read and not just read but read. We often read but few read. I READ BECAUSE THERE WAS SOMETHING OF INTEREST TO ME…REASONS TO KNOW HOW TO SAVE MY HOME. Not just words of do this and do that but words of this is you and what to do for you. That​’​s reading. I WISH TO THANK YOU for taking the time to educate me and with prayer, succeed to climb out of this grave and back into life among the living…..”WE BEGIN WITH OURSELVES”

Kosmos Florida

I’d like to thank Michelove and Monica at Debthelper.com for their help and guidance throughout this process. I now understand why my attorney, Karen JM Mitchell, Esq., spoke so highly of this service. I would certainly encourage anyone in need of this type of service to use DebtHelper.com. Thanks again for your excellent service.

James Texas

Thank you for all of your assistance as I took this class. I love the chat feature which made it a lot easier to get answers quickly and make corrections while taking the class.
While my budget is a work in progress This class provided me a good start to make the necessary corrections needed.
I personally think that courses in this should be given to everyone so that they can really see what is going on with them financially.
I’m older and never learned how to handle any finances prior to this course.

Thanks again for the information and assistance.

Cathy Texas

This whole experience has been going along easily with Bob Jaquard’s help and Debthelper.com. I never thought I’d be in this position and feel overwhelmed with debt. The course they require is informative and will be helpful to use in rebuilding my credit and spending habits. Thank you for providing this service.

Joel Rhode Island

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